Lifeline Ultra 7

Perma Chinks Newest Line Of  Exterior Stain, 1 Coat Application

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Perma Chink Lifeline Ultra 7 is a professional grade stain that will provide many years of protection for your log or timber frame project. Lifeline Ultra 7 should be applied by professional applicators as its advanced chemistry is less forgiving than our other products. Lifeline Ultra 7 is a single coat process followed by one of our Lifeline Advance topcoats. The money spent on a one coat stain can often result in a lower labor price. The rewards of this product far out way all others when it comes to longevity and appearance. Call today for free samples of any product.


  • Superb UV protection
  • Easy maintenance procedures
  • Breathable film allows unseasoned logs to dry out
  • High coverage rates
  • For walls and decks
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Clear coat with Lifeline Advance to complete the system


5 Gallon (50 lb): $397.95
1 Gallon (10 lb): $92.75

Surface Preparation:
Must be applied to clean, dry surface.

Application Rates:
One coat- 300-400 sq.ft. per gallon.

Application Temperature:
40*  F to 90* F

Application Methods:
Airless Sprayer.

# of Coats:
One-coat application.
Topcoat with Advance Gloss or Satin Clear Topcoat.

Drying Time:
Dry to the touch in 4 to 6 hours.
Cures in 72 hours.

Clean up:
Soap and water.

1 gallon container.
5 gallon pail.
Samples Available.

Storage/Shelf Life:
Freeze/thaw stable.
1 year.

Lifeline Ultra 7 bucket