Energy Seal

Our Best Log And Timber Frame Sealant

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Energy Seal is our highest rated sealant and is specially formulated to seal narrow gaps in log and timber frame style homes. Uses include butt joints, window trim, door trim and log or posted corners. 


Energy Seal is lightly textured to match your wood surfaces therefore creating a seamless transition from piece to piece. Energy Seal is also offered in many colors and can be painted or stained to blend perfectly. Remember to order one shade lighter if you plan to stain over it. We can help you with any color questions that may arise.


* Highly elastic

* For gaps up to 1 inch wide

* Maintenance free

* Soap and water clean-up


11 oz tube case (12): $90.95
30 oz tube (10): $193.95

Surface Preparation:
Must be clean and dry and free of oils and wax. Use Backer Rod whenever possible.

Application Rates:
Depends on gap width.

Application Temperature:
40*  F to 90* F

Application Methods:
Chink Pump.
Bulk loading gun.
Caulk gun.
Application bags.

# of Coats:
Apply at 3/8" thickness. Do not apply in direct, hot sunlight.

Drying Time:
Skins over in 20 minutes. Complete curing may take 3 to 8 weeks depending on temperature and humidity.

Clean up:
Soap and water.

11 oz. tubes.
30 oz tubes.
5 gallon pail.

Storage/Shelf Life:
Freeze/thaw stable.
1 year.